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Medics Against Violence Ball

Mr Chandra and Liz recently attended the MAV ball with their partners.mav-ball

Medics against Violence (MAV) is a Scottish Charity founded in 2008 by three Scottish Dental Surgeons, Their aim is the prevention of serious injury and death particularly among the young people of Scotland; they aim to change attitudes to violence in Scotland through education and awareness raising.

MAV members (doctors, dentist, nurses and paramedics) take part in the Schools Project. MAV members are all volunteers and they visit 13 to 14 year old pupils in schools and speak to them about the consequences of violence using a set lesson plan and film but illustrating that with experiences from their wide range of medical specialities. They concentrate on schools in areas of urban deprivation or those with high levels of youth violence and focus particularly on issues around knife crime and gang membership. A joint initiative launched with  the Violence Reduction Unit sees them train dentists to spot victims of domestic violence and signpost them towards help.

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